Up to $6000, price to illegally cross from Spain to Morocco

A reverse migration is taking place in the Detroit of Gibraltar as coronavirus wreaks havoc in Spain. Dozens of Moroccan youth had to pay traffickers up to $6000 to take them to Moroccan coast, local papers reported.

Moroccan security services are on alert to bring assistance to the Moroccans who are fleeing Spain on inflatable boats, Arabic speaking daily Ahdath Maghribia reported.

The coronavirus pandemic death toll in Spain passed 10,000 on Thursday, as the country reported its highest number of deaths in a single day since the outbreak began, with the total rising by 950 to 10,003 among 110,238 infections.

The pandemic, unemployment, and lack of prospects in Spain pushed nearly 100 Moroccan migrants to flee Spain on board an inflatable boat that was stuck in the waters due to heavy waves for a day before reaching Larache on the Atlantic coast.

Authorities have been looking for them in order to test them for coronavirus.

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