Coronavirus: UAE helps Iran with medical supplies

Coronavirus: UAE helps Iran with medical supplies

The UAE has sent two aircraft laden with medical supply to Iran, hard hit by the Coronavirus disease, which has affected 16,169 persons and killed 988, according to Tuesday tally.

The shipped 32 metric tons of supplies, include thousands of pairs of gloves, surgical masks, and protective equipment. It is the second shipment to Iran, after Abu Dhabi reportedly sent 7.5 tons of supplies on March 3. Five WHO experts were on the flight to help Iranian healthcare workers to attend to patients.

Iran is the third worst affected country in the world after China and Italy. The first coronavirus case in the country was reported on February 19.

Abu Dhabi says the assistance is part of the UAE’s decision to cooperate with countries suffering from the Covid-19 outbreak and to help stem the spread of the disease, Gulf Business reports.

Contacts between the two countries are however maintained as UAE and Iranian delegations meet openly or secretly to discuss issues of mutual concern.

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