Morocco’s Products in Paris Agricultural Show

Morocco’s Products in Paris Agricultural Show

More than 1,410 small Moroccan farmers, including 489 women, from all regions of the Kingdom, are exhibiting their livestock, produce, and products at the Paris International Agricultural Show 2020 currently held at the French capital.

Moroccan argan oil & products, olive oil, saffron, dates, aromatic & medicinal plants, spices, henna…are attracting huge crowds of visitors and businessmen interested in buying, tasting, importing and marketing these products.

All displayed Moroccan products, at the Paris show to run till March 1st, are certified by the food safety agency of the North African country.

Morocco’s agricultural sector contributes 19 pc to the national GDP and employs over 4 million people including about 100,000 in agro-industry. It plays a key role in macroeconomic balances of the country and earns a living to 80 pc of the 14 million rural people, although it has suffered from low investment and low productivity.

In a bid to put an end to its dependence on climatic conditions and subsidiary and boost its competitiveness in the world markets, Morocco has deployed a new long-term agricultural strategy seeking to modernize the sector, create more jobs, more income generating activities in rural areas and contribute to the emergence of an agricultural middle class

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