Moroccans evacuated from Wuhan leave quarantine in good health

No coronavirus has been registered in Morocco since the outbreak of the pandemic in China’s Wuhan in December. All the Moroccans who were repatriated from the infected area in China left the hospital following a 20 day-quarantine all in good health.

They were 167 Moroccans who had to stay in quarantine at hospitals in Meknes and Rabat where their health was closely monitored by specialized medical teams.

King Mohammed VI had ordered their repatriation to Morocco and the setting up of measures to prevent the spread of the virus in the country.

Morocco’s flag carrier RAM suspended its direct flights to Beijing until Feb. 29 because of low demand under the impact of the pandemic.

Globally, coronavirus cases are spiking and the World Health Organization warned that “the window of opportunity is narrowing” to contain the deadly coronavirus.

The virus has so far killed at least 2,360 people and infected more than 77,700 people around the world.

Most cases have been registered in China where authorities locked down millions of people by imposing quarantine measures on cities, and imposed travel restrictions on more than 700 million people in its bid to stop the virus spread.

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