Coronavirus: China Vows to Ensure Safety of Moroccan Expatriates; No Case in Morocco

Coronavirus: China Vows to Ensure Safety of Moroccan Expatriates; No Case in Morocco

The government of China has vowed to spare no effort to ensure the safety and protection of Moroccans living in China, especially in the city of Wuhan and Hubei province, said Sunday evening the Moroccan embassy in Beijing.

The Chinese government will do “everything to ensure the safety, health and well-being of Moroccan nationals residing in China, particularly in the city of Wuhan and Hubei province,” the embassy said.

The embassy also said it is in direct connection with members of the Moroccan community, and that it urged them to remain cautious and to follow all the preventive measures recommended by the Chinese authorities.

The embassy also set up, on Saturday, a crisis cell to follow up the situation of the Moroccan community in China. The crisis unit can be reached at the following numbers: +8618701156920/ +8615652198381, and at the following e-mail address:

No case of Coronavirus has been reported in Morocco. Yet, authorities have activated sanitary monitoring at entry airports and ports as of Saturday Jan. 25.

The move came after three coronavirus cases were confirmed in France.

“In view of the latest developments in the global epidemiological situation, marked by the confirmation of the new virus in other countries, especially in Europe, Morocco has established health control at international ports and airports, with a view to ensure early detection of any possible case and stop the spread of the virus, if necessary,” said the health department in a statement released on Saturday.

On Friday, the Ministry of Health reassured citizens that no cases were reported in the country and that the risk of the virus spread remains low.

In its Saturday statement, the Ministry of Health said “it continues to consider the risk of the virus spread nationwide as low, and confirms, once again, that no suspected or confirmed cases have been registered so far.”

It also reassures public opinion that the national system for epidemiological surveillance has been strengthened and that the virus diagnosis and care system for possible patients is operational.

Reports of a coronavirus case in Chefchaouen were denied by the regional delegate of the Ministry of Health in the city, Khaled Amal, who assured that a Chinese tourist admitted to the hospital was only suffering from a common cold.

Medical tests ruled out the possibility of the deadly disease, and the Chinese tourist left the hospital in good condition after receiving appropriate treatment, the delegate said.

Since December 2019, China has been battling the outbreak of Coronavirus, a deadly disease that has now claimed the lives of at least 81 people, while the number of coronavirus cases has risen to 2,744.

Several other countries have confirmed cases of Coronavirus including France, Canada, Australia, the US, Japan, Thailand, Taiwan, Vietnam, Singapore, Malaysia, and Nepal.

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