Morocco’s Public Administration Employs over Half Million People

Morocco’s Public Administration Employs over Half Million People

There were 564,549 people employed in 2019 in Moroccan public administration, says Human Resources Report 2020 released by the ministry of Economy, Finance & Administrative Reform.

In the North African kingdom, 90 pc of public servants are working in six ministerial departments. The ministry of education is the largest employer accounting for 48.6 pc of the public sector staff, followed by the ministry of the Interior (23.6 pc), Health (9.5 pc) and Justice (3.5 pc).

The other ministerial departments combined employ 14.8 pc public servants. Women in public administrations represent currently 34.8 pc, says the report.

The cost of public staff rose to € 10.5 billion in 2019 from € 6.9 billion in 2009, posting a 4.2 pc year-on-year increase, adds the document. Over the last ten years, the net monthly salary of public employee went up from €563 to € 752, a 2.8 pc annual pay raise.

For the next six years, 69,360 public servants will go into retirement after reaching age limit in Morocco wherein about 11,560 public workers retire annually, underlines the document.

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