Morocco’s Tanger Med Port Handles 4.8 mln Containers in 2019

Morocco’s Tanger Med port handled 4.8 million containers in 2019 posting a 38% increase compared to a year earlier.

The port, the first in Africa and the Mediterranean in terms of container capacity, has still room for expansion as its capacity was boosted to 9 million containers with the launch of Tanger Med 2 last summer.

Over 500,000 vehicles were exported through the port last year, marking a 5% increase compared to 2018.

In terms of passengers, 2.7 million passengers transited through the port last year.

The extension of Tanger Med was achieved at a total cost of 88 billion dirhams in state funding and 53 billion dirhams of private funding.

The northern Moroccan port, which started receiving container ships in 2007, has become Africa’s largest port in 2018 after exceeding 3.5 million containers.

The port connects Morocco to 77 countries and 186 ports globally while serving as a main hub for maritime traffic to West Africa.

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