Morocco Vows to Strengthen Ties between Africa and UK after Brexit

Morocco Vows to Strengthen Ties between Africa and UK after Brexit

Head of Moroccan Government Saad Eddine El Othmani said Monday in London that “Morocco will work to strengthen ties between Africa and the United Kingdom after Brexit.”

El Otmani made the remarks after a meeting with UK peer Boris Johnson on the sidelines of “UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020” organized by the British government to foster partnerships with African countries as UK is leaving the EU on Jan.31.

In a statement to reporters, El Othmani said that thanks to its privileged relations with various African countries, geostrategic position, its cultural ties and socio-economic presence in Africa, Morocco has adopted a clear and long-term vision for the continent, insisting that the future of Africa should be in the hands of Africans.

He also stressed the importance of the UK-Africa Investment Summit 2020, as a venue enabling the African continent to have more visibility on its ties with the UK after breaking away from the European bloc.

Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita who is also taking part in the Summit said after talks with his British peer Dominic Raab that Morocco has become “a key player” in promoting investments in Africa thanks to the royal policy carried out in the continent over the past fifteen years.

Morocco is today an active player in the conception and implementation of African emergence and has a natural calling to play a role of a link between African countries and Europe, banking on its history, geographical position and knowledge of European and African partners, he noted.

UK- Africa investment summit 2020, attended by 16 African leaders, as well as investors and businessmen, laid the foundations for new partnerships between the UK and African nations based on trade, investment, shared values and mutual interest.

During the event, the UK announced new initiatives and funding which will strengthen the joint trading relationship, support African countries in their ambition to transform their economies, launch a major new partnership with the city of London, turbo-charge infrastructure financing, and enable Africa’s clean energy potential.

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