Morocco’s job promotion agency aims at integrating 120,000 in job market in 2020

Morocco’s job promotion agency (ANAPEC) said it will help 120,000 people find a job in 2020 both in Morocco and abroad.

This marks a 26% increase from 2019 goal of 95,000 jobs as the agency adopted programs to intermediate between employers and job seekers.

Unemployment declined slightly to 9.8 percent in 2018 (from 10.2 percent in 2017) but remains particularly high among youth and graduates (26 percent and 17.1 percent, respectively), according to the IMF.

Morocco’s economy will need higher and more private sector-led growth and job creation to reduce unemployment decisively, the IMF said in July.

More efforts are needed to reduce youth unemployment and more generally to facilitate the movement of labor toward high-productivity sectors, including through increased support to vocational training, and the strengthening of active labor market policies.

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