ATM Fraud: Moroccan Authorities Warn against Card Skimming

ATM Fraud: Moroccan Authorities Warn against Card Skimming

Moroccan Central bank and police have urged vigilance after card skimming devices were found lately in cash machines in the city of Marrakech. Skimmers are using tiny hidden cameras planted in ATMs. They are barely visible but allow fraudsters to film people entering their pin number.

The skimmers often encase the normal card slot on ATM machines and are used to steal bank card data and personal identification numbers. After retrieving the device, the fraudsters use the data to drain bank accounts and purchase things on the Internet.

Though the vast majority of cash-points in Morocco remain safe, the Moroccan security and financial authorities advise the public to stay vigilant when using cash machines, and to report any unauthorized transaction or tampered ATMs.

In April, Morocco’s security services dismantled a 16-member criminal network, which embezzled large sums of money from accounts in several international banks.

The scammers used malwares to carry out their fraud with the help of some call center employees who illegally provided the criminals with personal and banking data on some victims.

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