Anti-Narcotics Struggle: Morocco Deals Hard Blow to Local & Foreign Smugglers

The vigilance of the Moroccan border security services is paying off. During the past couple of weeks, the police and customs agents of the North African country have foiled several major drug smuggling operations worth millions of dollars.

Last week, the Moroccan authorities seized 476 kg of cocaine at an apartment in Harhoura, on the outskirts of Rabat, and arrested two involved persons. The Cocaine, of high quality, reportedly came from Colombia.

The police seized in the smugglers’ flat a hunting rifle with 19 rounds, 12 luxury hand watches, pieces of jewellery, a tear-gas canister, bank checks, travel documents and large sums of money.
According to investigators, the dealers used a leisure boat to bring in the cocaine, which is originating from Latin America.

According to local media, the first elements of the investigation have shown that a billionaire, living in Rabat, could be involved in this case. He is reportedly the leader of a global cocaine trafficking network who have laundered huge sums of money in various businesses. Since the outbreak of the case, he has disappeared and is now wanted in Morocco.

At the Casablanca international airport, the Moroccan police intercepted lately a Gambian national with 69 capsules of cocaine in his stomach. The total weight of the capsules was 865 grams. The 55-year old man was captured upon arrival from Sao Paulo, Brazil.

At the same airport, an Indian passenger, 32, was arrested with 4.6 kg of cannabis dissimulated in his backpack.

At the Marrakech-Menara airport, the Moroccan police captured four Tunisian women, aged between 19 and 45, in possession of 6.4 kg of cannabis, concealed in their belts.

In the region of Fez, the authorities seized over the weekend 1.3 tons of cannabis and arrested three persons linked to a criminal network involved in drug and ecstasy trafficking.

The search operations led to the seizure of two cars, two large knives and a dose of cocaine, a sum of money in national currency.

These increasing drug-busting operations show that Morocco is targeted by international drug cartels and criminal networks seeking to use the strategic position of the country as a transit platform for the supply of European markets.

Morocco works closely with its partners around the world to combat narcotics. The International community praises its sustained efforts and backs its endeavor to fight cannabis cultivation and trafficking.

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