Comoros Islands to open Consulate General in Laayoune, a première

The Comoros Islands announced, Wednesday from Rabat, the opening soon of a Consulate General in the southern city of Laayoune.

The announcement was made by emissary of the Comoros President, Bianrifi Tarmidi, following talks with Minister of Foreign Affairs Nasser Bourita.

The Presidential envoy handed to Bourita a message from Comorian President Azali Assouman to King Mohammed VI.

By being the first African State to open a Consulate General in Laayoune, the Comoros Islands has thus opened the march to other African countries.

The move falls in line with the essence of the Royal Speech marking the 44th anniversary of the Green March, wherein King Mohammed VI said that the Moroccan Sahara is our country’s gateway to sub-Saharan Africa.

This politically bold announcement that has a strong political significance actually comes a week after King Mohammed VI outlined that Morocco’s Southern provinces are a genuine link between Morocco and the rest of Africa, and stressed the need to strengthen the humanitarian, economic, and political relations binding the Kingdom to other African countries.

“Ever since I ascended the throne, I have put Africa at the heart of Morocco’s foreign policy…This has had a tangible impact on Morocco’s economic, political, cultural, and religious standing on the continent,” the Monarch said in his speech. He also committed again “to make Morocco a key player in shaping the Africa of the future,” “to increase the volume of trade with other African countries,” “to boost Morocco’s investments in the continent” and “to launch a new phase based on mutual benefit.”

The king’s call has not fallen on deaf ears. The Comoros Islands made a decision sealing its recognition of the Moroccanness of the Sahara through the opening of a diplomatic representation in Laayoune and many other African countries are preparing to follow suit, after Côte d’Ivoire opened an Honorary Consulates in Laayoune, last June, as part of efforts to foster diplomatic and economic relations linking the two countries.

Comoros is one of the countries that has been granting staunch support to Morocco’s territorial integrity and its position on the Sahara conflict.

Comoros was one of the 23 countries that signed a declaration in September at the 42nd session of the Human Rights Council in Geneva, expressing their unwavering support for Morocco’s autonomy initiative and the kingdom’s sovereignty over the disputed territory.

Comoros has a few diplomatic representations globally. The islands have only eight embassies—three in Africa—and five consulates around the world, according to Embassy Worldwide.

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