Tunisia: unconfirmed results make Ennahdha winner of legislatives

Tunisia: unconfirmed results make Ennahdha winner of legislatives

Moderate Islamist party Ennahdha has won Sunday legislative elections according to exit polls.

Polling firm, Sigma Conseil projects the party to garner 17.5 percent of Sunday’s vote, translating into 40 seats in the 217-member parliament.

The polling agency places Heart of Tunisia party, a newly political movement of detained run-off candidate Nabil Karoui, second with 33 to 35 seats.

The legislative elections recorded a low turnout.

Nabil Baffoun, president of the Independent High Authority for Election (ISIE), said the voter turnout in the legislative elections reached 41.3% at home and 16.4% abroad, said Sunday, at a press briefing, reported TAP news agency.

According to the Tunisian Constitution, the victorious party designates the prime minister.

So far, Ennahdha and Heart of Tunisia have both ruled out forming a coalition. They will have to seek alliance with Karama, a conservative coalition expected to secure 18 seats, and Tahya Tounes of outgoing Prime Minister Youssef Chahed projected to win 16 seats, Al Jazeera reports.

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