Italy’s Proma joins Morocco’s Kenitra automotive cluster

Italy’s Proma joins Morocco’s Kenitra automotive cluster

Italy’s Proma is the latest in a series of world-class car-part manufacturers that opened plants in Kenitra as Morocco has stood out as the largest car producer in the continent offering a competitive investment platform for exports to Europe and Africa.

The new plant was built in a record time of 6 months for a total cost of $33 million and was opened Tuesday at a ceremony chaired by industry minister Moulay Hafid Elaamy.

This will be Proma’s second plant in Morocco after a factory in Casablanca which supplies a Renault assembling plant.

The plant will directly employ 121 people and generate revenues amounting to 250 million dirhams in export, further bolstering the automotive sector, which tops Morocco’s exports.

In recent years, Morocco has become a magnet for car suppliers as the country becomes a destination of choice for leading carmakers such as Frence’s PSA and Renault.

PSA aims at doubling production from 100,000 to 200,000 by 2021 along with 200,000 motorbikes.

Renault plans to increase its annual production in its Tangier plant to 500,000 cars annually.

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