Sudan:  14 members of government line-up unveiled

Sudan: 14 members of government line-up unveiled

Sudan’s nominal Prime Minister has named 14 people to join his cabinet, in a landmark move that translates the implementation of the power-sharing deal signed last month.

Sudan last month made a breakthrough as civilians, gathered under the banner of Forces for Freedom and Change grouping, and Military Transitional Council sealed a power-sharing deal after several months of bloody protests that demanded the establishment of civilian rule after the army ousted former longtime ruler Omar Bashir in early April.

Prime Minister Abdalla Hamdok, designated to chair coalition government, has named heads of foreign, finance and defense ministries, among others.

Asmaa Abdallah, was appointed as foreign minister of the Arabic speaking country. She will be Sudan’s first female to take up the key position.


World Bank’s staffer Ibrahim Elbadawi will lead the finance ministry.

General Jamal Aldin Omar will oversee the country’s defense ministry while, Adel Ibrahim was assigned the Energy and Mining portfolio.

Hamdok is expected to unveil the full cabinet in two days.

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