Leading Moroccan labor union calls for opening Moroccan-Algerian borders

One of Morocco’s largest labor unions, CDT, called for a march to the shared borders with Algeria to demand their reopening after decades of closure.

The borders between Morocco and Algeria have been sealed since 1994 after an attack involving Algerian nationals on a hotel in Marrakech.

The CDT said the march will take place on both sides of the border in coordination with Algerian unions.

“Opening the borders is a legitimate demand and a pressing need in the best interests of Moroccans and Algerians,” CDT spokesperson said.

In the same vein, an Algerian civil society organization called for a sit-in to press for the reopening of the borders.

Popular demands for the freedom of movement on the Algerian-Moroccan frontiers have been officially endorsed in Morocco but met with deaf ears during the era of outgoing Bouteflika.

Both Moroccans and Algerians hope that the departure of Bouteflika would bring a new elite that will start looking at Maghreb integration as a win-win project.

Morocco has imposed the visa on Algerian nationals after the 1994 attacks while Algeria responded with the closure of the borders. Morocco would later lift the visa and call for opening up the border but Algeria refuses to do so.

Morocco has adopted an outstretched hand policy towards Algeria with the King calling on multiple times for Morocco and Algeria to join efforts in order to meet common economic and security challenges.

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