Morocco, 22nd most water stressed country in the globe- report

Morocco, 22nd most water stressed country in the globe- report

Morocco was listed among the 27 countries facing a high level of water stress according to a report issued recently by the World Resources Institute.

Morocco was ranked 22nd in a list where Qatar, Lebanon and Israel were described as most countries facing an extremely high level of water shortage threat.

Since its independence, Morocco has attached utmost importance to securing sustainable water supply through dam building.

This policy was further bolstered by King Mohammed VI who ordered recently more dams to be built to meet the increasing needs of urban centers, agriculture and the industry.

Morocco’s water policy is based essentially on the mobilization of superficial water resources through the achievement of infrastructure projects allowing the storage of water that will be used in periods of drought.

The Sovereign also called for considering the possible establishment of desalination plants, and for carrying on the water saving program in farming

The country announced in 2017 plans to build the world’s largest solar-powered desalination plant for a total cost of €309 million.

The plant, to be built near the city of Agadir, will be able to provide 275,000 m3 of desalinated water per day to be used for irrigation mainly.

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