Nigeria unveils first hybrid solar power plant at Alex Ekwueme University

Nigeria unveils first hybrid solar power plant at Alex Ekwueme University

Nigeria has inaugurated its first solar hybrid plant at the Alex Ekwueme Federal University in Ebonyi State.

The 2.8 MW capacity infrastructure will operate from solar panels that will be supported by diesel-electric generators.

The project is part of the Energizing Education Program (EEP) implemented by the federal government through the Rural Electrification Agency.

The objective of this program is to equip the main education centers with their own power generation units as well as rehabilitating existing distribution infrastructure, to supply clean and reliable power to 37 federal universities and 7 affiliated university teaching hospitals.

In addition, it will provide street lighting for illumination and safety, as well as a world-class renewable training center at each of the EEP beneficiary institutions.

The project is being developed in phases—the first phase is currently under construction, which covers 9 universities and 1 affiliated teaching hospital. Under Phase 1, seven of nine universities will be powered with electricity from solar hybrid technologies, the other two universities will receive electricity from gas-fired power plants. The first 180 female STEM students in Phase 1 have commenced their EEP internship.

This first plant will provide electricity to 7,700 university students and more than 1,800 members of the university administration.

“This program will undoubtedly improve the quality of education, research and health services in our universities and university hospitals,” the director of the Rural Electrification Agency, Damilola Ogunbiyi said.

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