Libya: at least 36 migrants killed in drone air strike

Libya: at least 36 migrants killed in drone air strike

A Monday drone airstrike has killed at least 36 migrants and wounded 80 others in capital Tripoli, GNA health ministry told reporters accusing forces loyal to east-based military commander Khalifa Haftar.

The air strike landed on Tajoura migrant detention center controlled by a GNA loyal militia, east of capital Tripoli, spokesman for the ministry Fawzi Awnis said.

The air raid completely destroyed the center hosting migrants mostly from Sub-Saharan countries.

The air strike came amid ongoing offensive by Haftar’s Libyan National Army (LNA) to conquer Tripoli that the military commander says is controlled by terrorist.

The offensive launched early April has found resistance by GNA forces who have vowed to repel the surprise campaign, which started while the UN Chief Antonio Guterres was present in the Libyan capital.

The LNA has denied any responsibility in the raid and has blamed GNA-aligned militias for the shelling after a precision air strike by the LNA on a camp.

The GNA has repeatedly accused Haftar forces of targeting civilian houses and positions through the offensive. The UN-backed powerless administration has been chided for enrolling by force migrants in the military showdown opposing it to Haftar.

The migrants seeking to reach European shores located miles away North of Libya use the North African country as their departure point.

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