Moroccan navy fosters partnership with Euromarfor

Moroccan navy fosters partnership with Euromarfor

Moroccan navy and its northern Mediterranean partners are fostering their cooperation with the arrival of a European fleet of frigates and destroyers to Casablanca port to take part in a naval exercise.

The sea military drills, baptized Multi Cooperative Exercise, will take place this week off Casablanca, said Far-Maroc the well-informed military facebook page.

Prior to the launch of the military games, the Royal Moroccan navy and its European partners held a meeting in the Euromarfor headquarters in Portugal where they agreed to employ a maritime force composed by ships, helicopters and specialists teams.


For the fifth time, the Moroccan Navy and Euromarfor work together to strengthen cooperation on maritime security with a special focus on countering terrorism and fighting organized crime.

Euromarfor was created in 1995 by France, Italy, Portugal and Spain. The four nations have a maritime force that is ready to serve for humanitarian and/or evacuation, rescue, peacekeeping and combat purposes.

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