Egypt: Several police forces killed in two attacks in North Sinai

Egypt: Several police forces killed in two attacks in North Sinai

Two attacks claimed by the Islamic State group (ISIS) killed Wednesday several law enforcement agents near the city of al-Arich, in North Sinai, where the army has been waging war on militant groups.

The interior ministry said the attacks occurred at two checkoints on Eid al-Fitr celebration, which took place on Wednesday in the most populated Arab country.

The militants reportedly seized an armored vehicle from one of the checkpoints. Air forces chased down the militants and killed at least five.

ISIS on its propaganda media Amaq claimed responsibility for the attacks in which at least 10 police officers were killed.

The attacks are the latest major militant assault on the security forces this year after security forces were killed near the city on February 15.

Egypt launched in February 2018, a large scale military campaign to take control of the North Sinai following the massacre of over 300 Muslim worshippers in a Sinai mosque.

The campaign, criticized by human rights groups, has killed over 650 terrorists and 50 state army forces, according to state figures. The figures are difficult to verify as private and foreign media are denied access to operations. ²a

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