ISIS reportedly planning attacks in Mediterranean seaside resorts

ISIS reportedly planning attacks in Mediterranean seaside resorts

British intelligence agencies have warned that the ISIS terror group has plans to launch attacks this Summer on several Mediterranean countries, including Morocco, Tunisia, Spain, Greece, and Turkey

ISIS is planning Sri Lanka-style attacks in the Mediterranean, reported local daily Al Massae in its issue of Tuesday June 4th, referring to warnings by the British “M15” and “M16” agencies.

According to the daily, the threat is believed to be linked to sympathizers or lone wolves of ISIS and other extremist groups. The attacks would reportedly target tourist sites, especially, seaside resorts around the Mediterranean.

Warnings have been sounded that the Jihadis who have been driven from their final stronghold in Syria and who have been linked to the Easter Sunday attacks in Sri Lanka that killed 250 people, are using their expertise to carry out more attacks, commented British media.

The jihadis could “target hotel locations to kill, injure or take hostage” people on seaside resorts and other holiday hotspots, the heads of the British intelligence services have said.

Daily Al Massae recalled that this is not the first time that the British government has given this type of security information. Last March and before the end of last year, the official website of the Foreign Office said it was “likely that terrorists are trying to carry out attacks in Morocco.” However, the British Foreign Office did not advise against traveling to Morocco. The Foreign Office pointed out that about 650,000 of its nationals travel to the North African country each year and that “most stays go smoothly.”

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