EU: Spain Remains Morocco’s First Trading Partner

Spain has maintained its position as Morocco’s first trading partner in the first quarter of 2019, both in terms of exports and imports, according to latest data released by Eurostat, the statistical office of the European Union.

Spanish exports to Morocco reached €2,091 million at the end of March, a decrease of 1.28 pc compared with the same period last year, says Eurostat.

At the EU level, Spain remained Morocco’s first supplier, accounting for 33.5 pc of the total European exports to the Kingdom in the first quarter of 2019, ahead of France (21.6 pc) , Germany (8.9 pc), Italy (8.0 pc) and the Netherlands (5.1 pc).

Spanish imports of Moroccan products rose to €1,841 million in Q1 of 2019, a 7.95 pc increase over one year. During the same period, Spain was also Morocco’s first customer, accounting for 41.1 pc of the total EU imports, advancing France (29.3 pc), Italy (6.1 pc), Germany (6.1 pc) and UK (4.7 pc).

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