Community Medical Center Inaugurated in Sidi Moumen District in Casablanca

Community Medical Center Inaugurated in Sidi Moumen District in Casablanca

King Mohammed VI inaugurated, on Monday at Sidi Moumen district in Casablanca, a community medical center financed by the Mohammed V Foundation for Solidarity.

The construction works of the solidarity-based project, which cost 60 million dirhams, were launched by the monarch in 2016.

This new project that will upgrade proximity health services for the population of Sidi Moumen translates the King’s commitment to improve medical services and health care for the underprivileged and ensure comprehensive, sustainable and integrated human development.

It is also in line with the sovereign’s efforts to promote access of disadvantaged social layers to quality basic health care and ensure periodic medical consultations to patients requiring regular medical follow-up.

The new center, the second of its kind nationwide, will help speed up medical emergency operations, sparing patients life-threatening long commute distances, and relieve the pressure on the hospital and health centers in Sidi Bernoussi prefecture.

The new center that will provide health services for nearly 500,000 inhabitants includes a department for community-based medical emergencies, a unit for primary health care (consultation, care, vaccination and maternal and child health / family planning), specialized consultations wings (cardiology, ophthalmology, ENT, dermatology, gastroenterology, pediatrics, gynecology), an orthopedic rehabilitation unit and a medical-technical department with two surgery rooms and an observation ward.

The center, which has a modern state-of-the art equipment, also houses a dental care unit, a medical imaging unit (radiology, mammography, ultrasound, dental panoramic X-ray), a medical analysis laboratory, a sterilization unit, 12 hospital beds, a pharmacy, and a morgue.

The new facility’s medical and paramedical staff is made up of 21 general practitioners, emergency doctors and specialists, 38 nurses, as well as administrative and technical personnel.

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