Algeria Tightens Movement Restrictions in Tindouf camps

Algeria Tightens Movement Restrictions in Tindouf camps

The Algerian regime has tightened the screws on the movement of Sahrawis in Tindouf camps, by stripping them of Algerian passports which they use for traveling overseas.

After they ordered the polisario to toughen the entry and exit measures for the Sahrawis living in the Tindouf camps, the Algerian authorities are now withdrawing Algerian passports, which were granted in the past to these Sahrawis to facilitate their travel abroad.

Lately, many Sahrawis were stunned to see their travel documents confiscated by Algerian authorities as soon as they reached Algerian ports or airports.

The inhabitants of the Tindouf camps, who are already fed up to the teeth with the restrictions imposed by the Polisario, are now stripped of Algerian passports which facilitate their travels abroad as the “passports” issued by the so-called Sahrawi Republic “SADR” are not recognized by any country, including Algeria.

Thus, many Sahrawis living in Europe, particularly those settled in Spain and France, stopped traveling back to Tindouf camps to see their families, fearing to be trapped in these camps and be unable to return to their host countries.

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