Algeria: Lafarge planning to establish a research laboratory

LAFARGE_CimentsLafarge will establish its fourth research laboratory in the world with the three other laboratories located in France, China and India.  The laboratory is to be built in Rouiba and it will be collaborating with the Lyon laboratory in order to create a platform for ongoing research aimed at adapting its building materials products to the needs of Algeria and characteristics.
According to CEO Callebat of Lafrage Algeria, “the new laboratory reflects both our belief in the future of construction in Algeria, and our commitment to contribute to the reflection of the evolution of building quality and energy efficiency in the country.” He added that the laboratory will be having the latest equipments which will enable it to provide innovative technical solutions for improved energy efficiency in buildings to reduce energy consumption and contribute to the conservation of the Algeria’s energy resources.
It is also reported that it will help the developers to overcome their contract challenges within a short period of time and at a lower cost with a better quality. Algeria has been on housing at affordable prices for its citizens nationwide and it has been a challenge for developers. The demand for cement is also superior to supply and the company it will be increasing its last year total production of 8 million tons.
CEO Callebat said that Lafarge is dedicated to boosting its cement production and already has a project related to the matter. He didn’t give any more detail but promised that more information will be available soon. He added that they have a “long term commitment to satisfy qualitative and quantitative expectations.”
Lafarge produces cement and concrete at its centers in Algeria.

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