Tunisia: René Trabelsi, Best Tourism Minister in Mediterranean Region

Tunisia: René Trabelsi, Best Tourism Minister in Mediterranean Region

Tunisia’s tourism minister has been named the best tourism minister of the Mediterranean region on the back of the vibrant revival of the North African country’s tourism sector after the industry was nearly knocked down by series of terrorism attacks in 2015.

René Trabelsi received the honor from Rossanna Roda, the President of Asigitalia, the Italian association for Italy- Euro-Asian economic exchange, online media Tunis Webdo reports.

Roda who also leads the Italian professional training center in Tunis, highlighted Trabelsi’s laudable work at the head of the tourism department as well as his efforts to develop the sector and bilateral relations with various European countries, including Italy.

Tunisia’s tourism sector is bouncing back following few years of slowdown after the country witnessed three major terrorist attacks in 2015.

The Ministry of Tourism is aiming to attract 9 million tourists this season, René Trabelsi told TAP earlier this week. He said the progress indicators recorded each month range from 25% to 30% for all markets, especially for the Russian market.

He said the industry scored a 17.4 percent in the number of arrivals in the first quarter of the year, while yearly revenues of the sector have jumped by 35.1 percent from last year’s proceedings.

The tourism sector accounts for 8 percent of the country’s GDP and provides 400,000 jobs.


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