Morocco Captures 16 People for Stealing Money from International Banks

The Moroccan security services, in coordination with their Spanish security peers, announced on Tuesday the dismantling of a criminal network, which embezzled large sums of money from accounts in several international banks.

According to Morocco’s Central Bureau for Judicial Investigations (BCIJ), the equivalent of the FBI, the scammers used malwares to carry out their fraud with the connivance of some call center employees who illegally provided the criminals with personal and banking data on some victims.

Sixteen persons were nabbed in the cities of Casablanca, Meknes, Khenifra, Oujda, Marrakech and El Hajeb for their involvement in this fraud operation and their associates installed in Spain, said the Moroccan authorities.

The search carried out by the police in the homes of the culprits led to the seizure of electronic equipment and large sums of money.

The dismantling of the network with international ramification shows Morocco’s firm commitment to cooperate with its European partners in the fight against terrorism and transnational crimes.

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