Morocco’s King spearheads efforts to revamp old Medina of Fez

Morocco’s King spearheads efforts to revamp old Medina of Fez

The old capital of Morocco, Fez, is witnessing a face-lift under the reign of King Mohammed VI who spearheads efforts to safeguard and showcase its centuries-old buildings and heritage.

In this regard, the Monarch made sure to check the progress made on several project to restore the time-honored architectural genius of the city where he gave on Monday the launch of works to restore “Al Batha” museum.

As capital of different dynasties that ruled Morocco stretching as far as Andalucia and modern Algeria, the old city of Fez was a melting pot for all Moroccans and hosted different faiths including Judaism.

Also on Monday, the Monarch launched works to build a Jewish culture museum as a reminder of the coexistence that took place in the city that hosted the Muslims and the Jews who were expelled from Spain.

Besides Fez, the Monarch launched a national program to revamp historical monuments in the old cities of Rabat and Marrakech, an initiative that aims at highlighting Morocco’s deep rooted history as a nation state and a bacon of civilization and coexistence.

The restoration projects will also have a beneficial impact on the tourist industry highlighting Morocco’s distinctive features in terms of historical depth and architectural designs.

The program to revamp old towns allocates 325 million dirhams to Rabat, 484 million to Marrakech and 583 million to Fez. The contribution of the Hassan II fund in these projects amount to 500 million dirhams.

Casablanca for its part will benefit from projects worth 300 million dollars to upgrade its old medina.

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