Renewable Energy: Moroccan-Canadian Partnership to Develop Joint Projects

Renewable Energy: Moroccan-Canadian Partnership to Develop Joint Projects

Morocco’s Research Institute for Solar Energy & New Energies (IRESEN) and Sherbrooke University of Canada have sealed lately a partnership aimed at boosting their cooperation in renewable energies and energy efficiency.

This partnership will enable Moroccan university students and professors to work with their Canadian peers on joint projects in solar energy, photovoltaic energy production, thermal solutions, power storage and transfer to different grids.

For Vincent Aimez, Vice-President of Sherbrooke University, this cooperation agreement, which combines two ecosystems, will yield innovative solutions and enable the university students to benefit from advanced technologies opening up new opportunities for businessmen in Canada and Morocco.

For his part, IRESEN’s chief Badr Ikken said this agreement will set a lasting cooperation in the field of research and innovation in solar energy and energy efficiency.

It will also help the energy researchers develop tools, turning scientific ideas into profitable industrial applications, he added.

IRESEN is a research institute set up in 2011 by the Ministry of Energy, Mining, Water and Environment, with the participation of several key players of the energy sector in Morocco. It supports the country’s national energy strategy by promoting and funding R&D in the field of solar energy and new energies.

The Sherbooke University, in the Province of Quebec, is a French-speaking institution founded in 1954. It hosts 40,000 students and a teaching staff of 3,200. In all, it employs 6,400 people.

The university has over 100,000 graduates and offers 46 undergraduate courses, 48 masters and 27 doctoral programs. It holds a total of 61 research chairs including pharmacology, microelectronics, biomedicine, engineering, energy storage systems, industrial processes, nanomaterials…

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