Mauritania: 76 political parties dissolved over low scores during past elections

The interior Ministry has decided to dissolve 76 political parties for scoring less than 1 per cent of the number of voters during 2013 and 2018 legislative elections.

The ministry has informed leaders of the targeted political movements in a memo, according to press reports.

The decision was made on the basis of political groups 2012-024 act. The law stipulates among others that parties that do not take part in two consecutive legislative elections or fail to garner less than one per cent of the votes in their constituency will be dissolved.

The law entered into force last year under a presidential decree.

The Rally for Unity and Democracy (RDU) founded in 1991 by former minister Ahmed ould Sidi Baba will disappear from the country’s political landscape, while some parties created in 2013 are spared.

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