‘Algeria is Macron’s current nightmare’ – French official

‘Algeria is Macron’s current nightmare’ – French official

The current nightmare of President Emmanuel Macron is Algeria, a French top official told weekly media, Obs.

The source, who asked not to be named, told Obs that Macron is not troubled by the yellow vests’ demonstrations that have been going on for months, a new financial crisis, a cybersecurity from Russia or an American military attack on Iran but rather is concerned by its former colony, Algeria.

“The nightmare of the President of Republic is Algeria. It was that of his predecessors. The state top authorities are terrified by the prospect of a serious destabilization of our former colony after the death of Bouteflika [President since 1999],” the official said.

The source’s comments were made several days before Algerians took to streets to reject a fifth term plan by 82-year old Abdelaziz Bouteflika, the French media said.

Bouteflika is candidate for the April 18 elections that political figures in the North African country said are already a “fait accompli”.

Thousands of Algerians marched across various provinces end of last week and are expected to stage demonstrations again end of this week.

Authorities in Paris are concerned France could be affected should Algeria descend into chaos after the death of Bouteflika.

The Algerian leader has been in poor health condition since 2013 when he suffered a stroke that impaired his speaking and mobility abilities.

The source explained French authorities’ worries by many reasons, including the fact that Algeria is France’s top gas supplier (10 per cent of import); and that millions of young Algerians (the under 20 making up 40 per cent of the country’s 42 million people) would be tempted to migrate to France across the Mediterranean Sea on makeshift boats.

Besides, the country could slide back into its darkest years, the 1980s, that were marked by the rise of jihadism which threatened tranquility in France.

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