Morocco Foils Smuggling Over 13 Tons of Cannabis

Moroccan security services have announced this weekend the seizure of over 13.7 tons of cannabis at the Tangier-Med port. The drugs were concealed in a semi-trailer truck registered in Morocco.
An investigation was opened by the police for the arrest and trial of all those involved in this major drug trafficking operation.
Last December, Moroccan authorities seized more than one ton of cocaine and captured seven involved people linked to an international criminal network specialized in trafficking cocaine between Latin America, Morocco, and Europe.
Morocco’s proximity to Europe has attracted several international drug trafficking networks, including those from South America. In 2017, Morocco seized record 2.84 tons of cocaine. This major drug-busting operation shows that international smugglers are trying to use the strategic position of the North African Kingdom as a transit point to European market.
Over the past decade, the flow of cocaine from South America to West Africa, and subsequently through North Africa to Europe and the Middle East, has expanded rapidly.
Morocco works closely with the United States and European partners to combat drug trafficking. The international community recognizes the country’s efforts and support its policies to fight cannabis cultivation and trafficking.
Spain, Portugal and France have all decided to coordinate actions with the Moroccan government to tighten the borders and monitor closely all the wild spots used by drug lords to grow their cannabis before shipment overseas.

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