King Mohammed VI Outlines Roadmap for an Advanced Regionalisation Conducive to Jobs & Inclusive Growth

King Mohammed VI Outlines Roadmap for an Advanced Regionalisation Conducive to Jobs & Inclusive Growth

Morocco’s King Mohammed VI has laid out his vision for the success of the large-scale and structural project of advanced regionalization, which seeks to enhance the modernization of the country’s institutions, strengthen solidarity, social justice and inter-regional equality.

In a message addressed to the third parliamentary forum of regions, held Wednesday in Rabat, the Moroccan Sovereign said this landmark project also aims to promote an integrated and sustainable development for the benefit of all citizens.

The advanced regionalization is designed to “guarantee responsible, broad-based civic participation, and contribute to the promotion of cultural diversity in our country, within the framework of our undivided national identity”, said the King in his message that was read out by out by royal advisor Abdellatif Mennouni.

This forum is an opportunity “to deepen the constructive debate and find appropriate, creative and practical solutions to enable advanced regionalization to play a pivotal role in the production of tangible and intangible wealth, create employment opportunities – especially for young people and ensure the integration of various social groups”, underlined the King.

He went on to say the implementation of this crucial project does not hinge only on the powers vested in local governments and regions but depends mostly on how those powers are exercised and on the ability of all stakeholders – especially elected officials and councils – to show a keen sense of responsibility, commit to effective joint action and make the provision of services to the citizens the foremost priority.

“Moroccans do not want regional institutions to be mere ink on paper. They want efficient regions that respond to their pressing concerns and contribute to improving their daily lives”, stressed the Monarch.

He recalled in this regard the measures and important projects, initiated recently – particularly those relating to devolved administrative powers, to the reform of the social services, to the vocational training system and to the reassessment of regional investment centers’ legal and regulatory framework.

These are part of the royal overall policy aimed at providing the conditions for the success of the regional development agenda, increasing the pace of its implementation and enabling regions to acquire the skills needed to exercise their powers in an optimal way.

King Mohammed VI stressed the need to ensure consistency and complementarity between all public institutions, especially local authorities and governments to contribute to the success of advanced regionalization.

He called on regions to strengthen the financing package for the projects and urged local authorities to come up with realist development plans, ensure efficient management of financial resources, and invest them in productive activities that create jobs and respond to the pressing needs of the population.
The 3rd Regional Parliamentary Forum is organized by the Chamber of Advisers in partnership with the Economic, Social and Environmental Council, the Association of Presidents of Regions and the Association of Presidents of Municipal Councils, and in cooperation with the Chamber’s international partners.

The forum is focusing on the progress made in the areas of governance and consultation; regional resources: available resources and practical constraints; partnership and regional governance requirements; and participatory democracy and challenges of regional consultative bodies.

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