EBRD Unveils Its Five-Year Strategy for Tunisia

EBRD Unveils Its Five-Year Strategy for Tunisia

The European Bank for Reconstruction & Development has unveiled its strategy for Tunisia for the period 2018 to 2023. Through this strategy, the Bank pledges to support competitiveness of Tunisian companies by opening markets and strengthening governance.

The EBRD country strategy also seeks to promote economic inclusion for women, young people and populations living in remote areas through private sector engagement and investment.

The European bank vows to enhance the resilience of the Tunisia financial sector, broaden access to finance and support the transition of this North African country to a green economy.

According to the EBRD, Tunisia, has started after the Arab Uprising in 2010, an inclusive process of political transition but the country still faces challenges in its move to a sustainable market economy.

Since 2012, the EBRD has injected over €730 million in 34 projects in Tunisia. To date, the Bank has also supported 670 small and medium-sized enterprises in the country with business advisory services.

The EBRD is the largest international financial institution developing the country’s private sector, supporting small businesses and contributing to the implementation of the government’s development plan.

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