Morocco to Put Luxury Jewel La Mamounia on Sale in 2019

Morocco to Put Luxury Jewel La Mamounia on Sale in 2019

The Moroccan government has officially listed La Mamounia five-star hotel among the public companies on sale in 2019.

The hotel is majority held by Morocco’s train office ONCF and was along with Tahaddart power Plant included in the list of companies to be sold in 2019.

Since it was established in 1923, La Mamounia became a symbol of Morocco’s hospitality industry attracting celebrities and world leaders including Winston Churchill, Ronald Reagan, Jacques Chirac, Orson Welles, Nelson Mandela, Hillary Clinton, Elton John, Francesco Smalto, Alfred Hitchcock and others.

The hotel which Churchill called “the most lovely spot in the whole world” has recently been named Best Hotel in the World at the 2018 Conde Nast Traveler Readers Choice Awards.

In 2009, the hotel was redecorated by French interior designer Jaques Garcia. It cost €100 million to revamp the hotel consisting of 135 rooms, 65 suites, six signature suites and 3 three-bedroom riads.

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