Morocco’s Initiative for Frank Dialogue with Algeria Gaining more Praise

Morocco’s Initiative for Frank Dialogue with Algeria Gaining more Praise

The call launched last week by King Mohammed for a frank dialogue with Algeria to iron out all the differences marring bilateral relations is gaining more international praise, as a step mirroring the Kingdom’s good faith and determination to build a strong Maghreb Union.

In this connection, President of the Commission of the African Union Moussa Faki Mahamat lauded the Sovereign’s call and his initiative to establish a joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation with Algeria.

Moussa Faki Mahamat also reaffirmed the AU’s support for any initiative meant to revive regional cooperation.

In a speech marking the 43rd anniversary of the Green March celebrated on November 6, King Mohammed VI deplored the state of Moroccan-Algerian relations and called for a direct and frank dialogue in order to settle the transient and objective differences impeding the development of relations between the two countries. He suggested the establishment of a mechanism for dialogue and consultation to break the stalemate in bilateral relations.

After the European Union, France, and Spain, Portugal reaffirmed its support for all initiatives that could help settle the disputes between Morocco and Algeria, “two friendly countries with which Portugal has very close and privileged relations.”

A Moroccan-Algerian rapprochement would promote understanding and cooperation between Maghreb countries and stimulate prosperity and stability in this region, the Portuguese Government said in a statement.

Moroccan socialist leader and former Prime Minister Abderrahmane Youssoufi on his part addressed a letter to Algeria, expressing hope that the eastern neighbor would seize Morocco’s extended hand.

In his letter that was aired exclusively on Medi 1 TV channel, the icon of the Moroccan national independence movement and former leader of the Socialist Union of Popular Forces, said he welcomed the appeal made by King Mohammed VI to the Algerian neighbors for the creation of a joint political mechanism for dialogue and consultation.

“Banking on the spirit of the royal speech, I consider it to be a sincere position of the sovereign, whose sole objective is to find solutions to our outstanding problems. We need to find a way out given the brotherhood and shared history that unite us,” said Abderrahmane Youssoufi.

“I was delighted to hear the sovereign refer to the Tangier conference that brought together, in 1958, the Maghreb parties of the national movement of our three countries (Tunisia, Algeria and Morocco),” he stated, expressing hope that the Royal Initiative would be a response to the concerns of the elites of both countries concerning the uncertain future of the region.

The Royal initiative was commended by several Arab and African countries as an opportunity to open new perspectives for peace, stability and development in the Maghreb.

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