Algeria Mulls Downsizing Diplomatic Representation in Morocco

Algeria Mulls Downsizing Diplomatic Representation in Morocco

Embarrassed by its connivance with Iran and Hezbollah in supporting Polisario separatists, Algeria was reported to plan a downsizing of its diplomatic representation in Morocco.

Turkish news agency, Anadulo, mentioned that a diplomatic source said Algeria’s foreign ministry contacted ailing president Bouteflika regarding the brewing crisis with Morocco and recommended a downsizing of Algeria’s diplomatic mission in the North African kingdom and closing consulates.

Algeria has summoned Morocco’s ambassador after Rabat cut ties with Tehran accusing it of helping its proxy Hezbollah train Polisairo on urban warfare and supplying the separatists with surface-to-air missiles.

“Morocco understands Algeria’s embarrassment and its need to express solidarity with its allies, Hezbollah, Iran and the Polisario as well as its attempts to deny its blatant role in this action against Morocco’s national security,” Morocco’s foreign ministry spokesperson responded.

Algeria has never recognized Hezbollah as a terrorist group and maintains close ties with Iran. Algiers has also backed Syrian regime in its crimes against the Syrian people.

Algiers has pulled the strings of Polisario for decades that Morocco now insists that no future negotiations can be conducted without Algeria’s participation.

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