Congress Approves US Aid to Cover all Moroccan Territory

Congress Approves US Aid to Cover all Moroccan Territory

The US Congress has approved the 2018 Appropriations Bill which- like its 2017 predecessor- allows Morocco to use US aid everywhere in the country, including in the Sahara.

In doing so, US lawmakers renew their strong bipartisan support for a negotiated solution to the Sahara dispute, based on autonomy plan under Moroccan sovereignty, and encourage US private sector to invest in the Sahara.

Last year, the provisions on the Sahara and the report accompanying the US appropriation bill reflected the Congress’s unambiguous support for Morocco’s autonomy initiative.

Morocco had welcomed in particular the encouragement of the US administration of a more engagement of the private sector in the Sahara.

Last year’s report hinted at the corruption and embezzlement by the Polisario and its mentor Algeria of humanitarian aid sent to Tindouf camps by stressing the need for more control of the aid sent to the refugees across North Africa.

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