Adoul Profession Opens to Women, another Victory for Gender Equality in Morocco

Adoul Profession Opens to Women, another Victory for Gender Equality in Morocco

Women in Morocco can now exercise the profession of Adoul or religious notary, a profession previously reserved for men.

The move was announced at the Ministers’ Council meeting held Monday (January 22) at the Royal Palace of Casablanca, when King Mohammed VI instructed the Minister of Justice, Mohamed Aujjar, to open to women the profession of Adoul, “and take the necessary steps to achieve this goal”.

The Monarch recalled at the Council’s meeting that he had instructed the minister of Justice to examine the matter and forward it to the Higher Council of Ulema to deliver an opinion on it, said a statement read out by spokesman for the royal palace, Abdelhak Lamrini.

The Council ruled that women can exercise the profession of adoul, the statement said.

The royal decision is based, in addition to the Ulema’s opinion, on the provisions of shariah relating to the testimony (chahada) and its different types, and on the religious practices established in Morocco, in the first place the principles of the Maliki rite, the statement pointed out.

This decision also comes in view of the high level of training and scientific knowledge acquired by the woman and the skills, proficiency and ability she has shown in the various high-level positions she has assumed, the spokesman went on reading.

Rumors about the opening of the adoul profession to women that had been running for a few months have thus been confirmed Monday and Women will henceforth be able to draft marriage, divorce and other legal acts, including inheritance and heritage documents.

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