Morocco Airlifts Urgent Humanitarian Aid to Madagascar

Morocco Airlifts Urgent Humanitarian Aid to Madagascar

Morocco sent airplanes loaded with 30 tons of humanitarian aid to help Madagascar mitigate the impact of the devastating tropical cyclone Ava.

The aid, sent in implementation of Royal instructions, includes tents, blankets and basic foodstuff that were handed to Mala-gasy authorities to help the victims of the natural disaster.

Morocco’s foreign ministry said that this humanitarian gesture is part of the sincere friendship, the fruitful cooperation and the effective solidarity with this brotherly country in keeping with the cooperation ushered during the visit of King Mohammed VI to Madagascar.

During the King’s visit to Madagascar, the two countries signed 12 intergovernmental agreements, in the fields of politics, agriculture, sea fishing, energy, logistics, taxation, envi-ronment protection, water, mining, training, tourism and civil service.

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