Morocco Set to Lay Foundations of Green Economy by 2020- King Mohammed VI says

Morocco Set to Lay Foundations of Green Economy by 2020- King Mohammed VI says

King Mohammed VI reaffirmed the need of striking a balance between development requirements and the need to protect the environment, saying that Morocco will be able to lay the foundations of a green economy by 2020.

In an address to the participants in the 7th Islamic Conference of Environment Ministers, the King underscored that Morocco has adopted a National Charter for the Environment and Sustainable Development so as to capitalize on achievements and ensure the mainstreaming of environmental concerns and climate change in all development programs and policies.

IN this respect, he noted that the 2016-2030 National Strategy for Sustainable Development adopted recently was prepared in consultation with all national stakeholders, including the government, the private sector and civil society. “It clearly reflects our country’s determination to continue its efforts to promote green sustainable development,” he said in the message that was read out on his behalf by Princess Lalla Hasna, the Chairwoman of the Mohammed VI Foundation for Environment Protection.

He went on to explain that this strategy aims, in particular, to lay the foundations for a comprehensive green economy by 2020, improve natural resources management and development, support the conservation of biodiversity and revamp governance in the area of sustainable development.

To achieve sustainable economic policy, Morocco banks on renewable energies as “the bedrock” of striking the sought balance between economic development and environmental protection. In this connection, the solar energy plan will help secure 52% of Morocco’s energy needs by 2030.

In this connection, he reiterated the steadfast determination showed by Morocco regarding climate issues, citing the organization of the UN Climate Summit COP22 in Marrakech in November 2016, “which was a success on a global scale”.

The King also pointed out to Morocco’s firm commitment to South-South cooperation as a strategic component of its foreign policy. He highlighted in this regards the setting up of a competence center on climate change designed to serve as a new mechanism to consolidate South-South cooperation and integration, particularly between Islamic countries and African sister nations.

Today’s conference, one of the periodic meetings held by the Organization, provides a good opportunity to take stock of environmental challenges and to go ahead with consultation and the exchange of experiences on the issue of climate change, its consequences and risks, which pose a real threat to all countries across the globe, including Muslim sister nations, said king Mohammed VI.

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