BCIJ Dismantles another Terrorist Cell in Fez

BCIJ Dismantles another Terrorist Cell in Fez

The Central Bureau of Judicial Investigations (BCIJ) dismantled another terrorist cell made up of four Daesh supporters in Fes on Wednesday (October 25), the Interior Ministry announced in a statement.

The first investigations revealed that the respondents, thoroughly permeated by the Daesh discourse and influence, were planning to carry out attacks in Fez to harm persons and property, the statement said.

The raid enabled to seize edged weapons, including axes and knives of different sizes, as well as a military fatigue, manuscripts calling for jihad and praising Daesh, and electronic equipment, said the ministry.

The suspects will be brought to justice as soon as the investigation is over.

This dismantling of this new cell comes less than ten days after the arrest of 11 members of a terrorist cell who were settled in several cities. The mastermind of this cell was also settled in Fez. Several materials used for the making of explosive devices were seized.

Since its creation in 2015, the BCIJ, called Morocco’s FBI,  has arrested hundreds of suspected terrorists and dismantled over 50 terrorist cells. It also cooperates with other European countries’ security services, mainly Spain, France and Belgium in the counterterrorism struggle.

Morocco has robust security services and its comprehensive, multi-dimensional approach in the fight against terrorism has enabled the country to preserve its security and ward off terror attacks.

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