Islamophobic Backlash in Spain after Terrorist Attacks

Islamophobic Backlash in Spain after Terrorist Attacks

The involvement of Moroccans in the terrorist attacks that killed 14 in Barcelona will undoubtedly impact the Moroccan diaspora and institutions in the country after a series of anti-Muslim attacks targeted Morocco’s consulate in Tarragona (north east Spain), a mosque in Montblanc town, north of Tarragona, and another mosque in Madrid.

Red painting was spilled on the consulate building and the mosques were defaced with Islamophobic and racist messages.

Racist comments were written on the front of the Montblanc mosque, making death threats against members of the Moroccan community.

In Madrid, vandalizers defaced the Sunna mosque with Islamophobic drawings and messages and threw a pig’s head inside it.

Responsibility for these actions was not claimed by any organization, local media outlets said.

In a statement to MAP, Morocco’s consul in Tarragona Abdelaziz Jatim said consulate services were not interrupted and the painting was removed.

He stressed the importance of showing caution, self-restrain and wisdom and taking account Spain’s circumstances since the terrorist attacks that hit Catalonia on Thursday and Friday. He also reiterated the condemnation of the Moroccan community of all forms of terrorism and violence and its attachment to the values of coexistence, tolerance and respect.

Soon after the outbreak of this terrorist attack, King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent a message to King Felipe VI and Queen Letizia of Spain condemning the attack and expressing full solidarity with sisterly Spain and Morocco’s full commitment to international counter-terrorism efforts.

Likewise, the Council of Moroccan Muslim Scholars abroad firmly condemned these cowardly attacks that aim at undermining coexistence and called on all the constituents of the Spanish society to show vigilance and attachment to shared values of peace.

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