Moroccan Government Announces Measures to Implement Royal Speech

Moroccan Government Announces Measures to Implement Royal Speech

Head of the Moroccan Government, Saad Eddine El Othmani, announced that a set of measures will be taken to implement the directives laid down in the speech, delivered by King Mohammed VI on the occasion of Throne Day.

In the speech, the Monarch lambasted public officials and the civil service for falling short of fulfilling their duties in serving the citizen and rebuked the administration for the delay in the implementation of several social and economic projects, creating disparities between regions.

In less than a week after the speech, the Government Council held its weekly meeting Thursday in Rabat under the chairmanship of the Head of the Government who announced the adoption of a “realistic and operational” program with a view to amend the dysfunctions and irregularities raised by the Sovereign.

Among the measures announced by El Othmani features the reform of the administration, the promotion of investments and the simplification of administrative procedures.

The Head of the Government also urged other ministerial departments to put forward concrete proposals to implement the Royal Speech.

Last July 29, King Mohammed VI blamed public officials for their low performance and for the delay witnessed in the implementation of a set of social projects in Morocco’s different regions.

The speech echoed the demands of the Moroccan citizens for an administration that serves them and the homeland first and foremost. The King himself expressed disappointment at the civil servants who consider office with a rentier mentality.

In his strong-worded speech, the King did not spare political parties that abdicated their role in acting as a mediator between the citizen and institutions and contented rather with opportunist attitudes leading youth to shun political life.

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