Tunisia: Super High Network Services

internet-tunisiaA four year agreement to build a broadband access network which will bring high-speed Internet access and high-quality voice and video services to millions of Tunisians has been announced by the largest provider of wireless communications in the country, Tunisianain partnership with Alcatel-Lucent. Tunisiana is hoping to launch commercial services early next year and Alcatel-Lucent is helping it with network solution package. The services in the package include Alcatel-Lucent’s market-leading gigabit passive optical networking (GPON), VDSL2 Broadband access products, Motive Network Analyzerand Motive Home Device Manager. Hatem Mestiri CTO of Tunisiana said consumers and business customers will be having a new experience when the service begins before praising Alcatel-Lucent. He said that their “mobile customers have come to expect a very high level of service quality and innovation. As we considered the challenges of building and managing a wire line network, we sought a solution that is as efficient as possible and keeps complexities to a minimum. Alcatel-Lucent’s expertise in providing network solutions as well in the management of those networks has been demonstrated over many decades and made them the best choice for Tunisiana, making sure we can meet the needs and expectations of both existing and new customers.” On behalf of Alcatel-lucent, its country manager of Tunisia, Morocco and Mauritania, Faical Haffoudhi said their agreement with the company gives them an opportunity to further their expertise in building “a completely new wire line access network in a country that is experiencing a rapid adoption of new communications technologies.” He added that Tunisiana will now be capable of offering highest service quality at all times to its clients thanks to the unique combination of Alcatel-Lucent’s fixed access assets and experience.

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