Morocco Officially Offers Mediation in GCC-Qatar Rift

Morocco Officially Offers Mediation in GCC-Qatar Rift

Morocco’s foreign ministry issued a statement expressing the Kingdom’s willingness to mediate in the crisis that has shaken the Gulf after Saudi Arabia and the UAE and their allies in the Arab World and beyond severed ties with Qatar, which they accuse of supporting terrorism and side-lining with Iran.

“If the parties wish so, Morocco is ready to offer its good offices conducive to a calm, franc and comprehensive dialog on the basis of non-interference in domestic affairs, the fight against religious extremism, clarity in positions and loyalty in commitments,” the statement said.

Since the outbreak of the crisis, King Mohammed VI maintained “close and continuous contact with different parties,” the statement said.

“Given the close personal ties of sincere brotherliness and mutual esteem between HM King Mohammed VI and his brothers Kings and Emirs of the Gulf, Morocco made sure not to indulge in public statements or hasty stands that would only widen the divide and deepen grievances,” the statement added.

In this regards, Morocco’s King called on all parties to show restraint and wisdom in order to defuse tension and overcome the crisis with a view to “finding a lasting settlement to the causes that have led to the current situation in line with the spirit that has always characterized the GCC.”

“Morocco, which remains closely linked to Gulf countries in all fields despite geographic distance, is very concerned with this crisis although it is not directly involved in it,” the statement said, noting that the North African Kingdom has adopted a constructive neutrality “which does not confine it to a passive observation of a disturbing escalation between brotherly countries.”

Last week, six Arab countries -Saudi Arabia, Egypt, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates, eastern Libyan government, and Yemen- severed ties with Qatar and banned all air, land and sea transport with Doha. Other allies of Saudi Arabia followed suit and broke off diplomatic ties with Qatar including Mauritania, Maldives, and Niger, while Jordan downgraded its diplomatic representation in the tiny Gulf emirate.


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