Morocco Reaps Benefits of Royal Leadership in Sahara Issue- Spanish Paper

Morocco Reaps Benefits of Royal Leadership in Sahara Issue- Spanish Paper

Morocco has scored precious diplomatic points in the UN-led negotiations to settle the Sahara issue, thanks to the leadership of King Mohammed VI, said Spanish paper, La Provincia.

The King’s policy regarding the Sahara has given Morocco an upper hand in the Sahara issue evidenced by the increasing withdrawals of recognition of the Algerian-based SADR republic, La Provincia added.

The paper shed light on the recent setback endured by the Polisario in the Guerguarat border crossing with Mauritania, which the Algerian-based separatists had to leave without Morocco firing a single bullet.

The humiliating withdrawal of the Polisario from Guerguarat area in the demilitarized buffer strip shows the effectiveness of Morocco’s diplomacy and its attachment to the 1991 ceasefire agreement and international law, the paper said.

The paper also highlights that the Polisario is not an independence movement but rather a puppet whose strings are African Unionco.

La Provincia, issued in the Canary Islands, deplored that the Polisario officials continue to draw fictitious victories to distract attention from the miserable conditions and ill-treatment they inflict on a civilian population held hostage in the Tindouf camps in southwestern Algeria.

The paper deplored the inhuman living conditions imposed by the Polisario leadership led by Brahim Ghali, a wanted criminal by Spanish justice, stressing the urgency of finding a political and mutually acceptable solution to the Sahara issue with a spirit of realism and compromise.

On the other hand, the paper shed light on the endeavors undertaken by King Mohammed VI to strengthen the Kingdom’s standing in Africa, notably after joining the African Union, adding that Morocco’s political stability and economic clout are key assets in its African foreign policy conducive to offering south-south cooperation partnerships.


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