Enhancing Food Security in Africa, Priority Cooperation Area for Morocco

Enhancing Food Security in Africa, Priority Cooperation Area for Morocco

In each of the African countries the King of Morocco has visited since his coming to power, cooperation agreements were signed, driven by a co-development approach based on sharing expertise and solidarity. Agriculture always comes as an area of excellence where Morocco is better placed to offer know-how.

It is therefore no coincidence that promoting food security in the continent through enhancing agricultural cooperation was highlighted in the King’s latest speech as a priority area for Morocco’s action in Africa.

In the speech King Mohammed VI delivered in Addis Ababa following the triumphal return of Morocco to the African Union, he pointed to agriculture along with training, energy and security as being all priority cooperation areas that several African countries are looking forward to develop.

In this connection, the Sovereign recalled the two large-scale agreements signed between Morocco and both Ethiopia and Nigeria to build fertilizers plants that can contribute to meeting the food security needs of the two African giants and their neighbor countries.

“…As part of projects aimed at improving agricultural productivity and promoting food security and rural development, fertilizer production plants have been set up with both Ethiopia and Nigeria. These projects will benefit the continent as a whole,” King Mohammed VI said in his address to the African heads of state at the AU 28th Summit.

Insisting that food security is the major challenge facing Africa, the King recalled that Morocco launched during the climate summit COP22 held in Marrakesh the initiative for the Adaptation of African Agriculture, known as the Triple A Initiative.

“It is an innovative and extremely concrete response to the common challenges posed by climate change. As soon as it was launched, the initiative was backed by some thirty African countries,” he said, adding that the “Triple A Initiative” is aimed at providing more significant funding for the Adaptation of small-scale African Agriculture; it will also support the structuring and acceleration of agricultural projects in Africa.”

The Initiative is in line with efforts aiming at restoring African ecosystem balance and enabling countries of the continent to have access to climate funds.

It focuses on strengthening the financing capacities of African farmers, via the micro-credit generalization to small farmers, meso-credit development to medium-sized farms and mobile banking solutions deployment.

It is characterized by its pragmatic approach based on the design, implementation and monitoring of bankable projects with accountability for results and impacts on African countries populations.

It will help link climate financing with food security through priority projects, which will allow for better appreciation of Africa’s natural resources in a sustainable manner.

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