Libya: Turkey Second Country to Reopen Embassy

Libya: Turkey Second Country to Reopen Embassy

Ankara Monday announced it reopened its embassy in Tripoli, becoming the second foreign country to do so following Italy.

The embassy was close more than 2 years ago following general pull-out of foreign missions in Tripoli over security concerns.

“The reopening of the embassy will allow Turkey to make stronger contributions to efforts to build peace and stability, as well as reconstruction in Libya,” the Turkish foreign ministry said in a statement.

The embassy has been operating from Tunis while consulate general in Misrata has been fully in operation. Staff at the embassy has been limited as security still remains critical.

The road where the embassy is located close to Tripoli’s seafront was closed on Monday, and there was a heavy security presence, Reuters reports.

The Turkish embassy sits around 600 meters from the Italian embassy also reopened early this month. The neighborhood witnessed a car bombing attack on January 21. The blast killed two people founded charred in the car. The attacks not claimed, occurred about 300 meters from the Italian embassy and near the ministry of Planning.

Ankara also announced it would support ongoing unity efforts in Libya as well as territorial integrity of the North African country.

Foreign minister Cavusoglu met UN-backed Prime Minister Faiez Serraj in May to lay the ground for the resumption of diplomatic affairs.

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